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'3D fox sculpture' Studio Practice - 8th March

   This was a tester for creating a 3D sculpture out of cardboard pieces. Which was difficult to make because I could make it too thick and it would lose its shape or getting the fox to stand up in the pose without falling over. Next I wanted to see if my idea of collaging the sculpture with cups, stirrers, newspaper and adverts worked. The cups gave the sculpture curves especially for the tail and chest, which works really well giving the fox more shape. The stirrers made a really good fur texture. They gave more 3D-ness to the body.  

21st Feb Studio Practice

   Tried my new light out with the test light box fox, which worked really well compared to the previous lights I used.The new light is very very bright and blinding (I’m still seeing rings of the lights when finshing using it). As you can see from the pictures below, this is the second version which I made today. This one is more enclosed to keep the light in and focus the light to the laser etch. The previous one had no back, so if the the back wasn’t right up against the wall the light escaped around the edges. Having it more enclosed was much better for the purpose I wanted. 

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